Class Objectives

Assignments for Week 5: The Initial Peopling of Virginia

Web Exercise:
Examine the Virginia Historical Society's exhibit on Invented Scenes for Narratives specifically the Abduction of Pocahontas scene. Why would the European engraver portray the king of the Patawomecks as - well, think he's presented as a devil?

Map Exercise:
Using the Library of Congress versions, use John Smith's original map of Virginia to find modern-day Marlborough Point, where Pocahontas was seized in 1613. The Cheroenhaka/Nottoway tribe says John Smith noted their presence - what name do you think John Smith first assigned to that tribe?

Watch "Neabsco Creek" on GMU-TV streaming video.

Site Visit:
Find the building or archeologic site closest to your home, job site, or area of special interest associated with the Native Americans who lived in Virginia before the Europeans arrived. (If you are having difficulty finding a site, check out the Virginia Tourism Corporation website, Virginia Is For Lovers and type "Native American" or "Indian" into the search box). Is the Native American site near you open to the public, or highlighted in some way for the public to recognize its historical value?

Now identify the location of the oldest building or archeologic site closest to your home, job site, or area of special interest that is associated with European settlers in the colonial era. Compare the attention dedicated to the two sites:
- how close is a Native American vs. colonial site?
- how well advertised is the Native American vs. colonial site, with highway signs and on the internet?
- how detailed is the information on each site about the Native American history vs. the colonial history?
- what additional advertising/information would you create for the Native American site, in order to generate more tourist visits? Be creative; propose an advertising campaign with slogans, how you would "market" the site to specific visitors (local residents? other people living in Virginia? residents of nearby states? international tourists?) and determine the budget you would require to implement the campaign.

Heads Up
The deadline to register to vote or update your address for the November 8, 2011 General Election is Monday, October 17, 2011. You can check your voter registration by going to the State Board of Elections website where you can enter your name and other information, and it will let you know that you are registered and also tell you where your voting precinct is located. Finally, you can also get a copy of the Virginia Absentee Ballot Application.

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