Real Estate Taxes in Virginia

Your taxes may vary.

Depending upon where you live in Virginia, your real estate taxes could range from a low of _____ in ____ to a high of ____/$100 of assessed valuation in Prince William County. Real property and personal property tax rates, and the assessment of the value of the property, vary by political unit. The elected and appointed officials in Lee County can make different decisions that the elected and appointed officials in the counties of Fluvanna or Accomack, or the cities of Manassas Park or Franklin.

County assessors are responsible to determining the value of property, while county supervisors determine the tax rate. In theory, the assessment process is a analytical exercise unaffected by political influence. The debates over whether taxes are too high and should be lowerd, inherently a political exercise, is resolved through elections of county and city officials rather than through back-door dealings where tax assessments are skewed by political factors. In theory...


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