2002 Transportation Referendum in Hampton Roads

The SB 668: Hampton Roads Transportation District Program bill passed in the 2002 session. It authorized Hampton Roads voters to increase their sales tax from 4.5% to 5.5%, with the increased revenues dedicated to financing a Hampton Roads Planning District Commission bond issue. The bonds would provide funding for a specific set of projects.

The 1% increase in the sales tax was estimated to raise $7 billion over the next 20 years. All but $200 million is dedicated to highway construction. (You could say the $600 million for the middle tube of the Third Crossing should be counted as mass transit because that tunnel might be used for rail...)

The increase in the sales tax would finance 6 initiatives:

The legalese version in SB668 says:
"The General Assembly declares it to be in the public interest that the economic development needs, economic growth potential, and quality of life of the residents of various counties and cities in the eastern part of the Commonwealth be addressed by a special transportation program to provide for the costs of providing an adequate, modern, safe and efficient transportation network in such counties and cities, which shall be known as the Eastern Virginia Regional Transportation Program (the Program), including, without limitation, environmental and engineering studies, rights-of-way acquisition, construction, improvements to all modes of transportation, and financing costs. The Program consists of the following projects: Hampton Roads Third Crossing ((i) from I-664/I-64 Interchange (Peninsula) to Bowers Hill (I-664, I-64, I-264 Interchange), (ii) I-664 to I-564 Connector, and (iii) Craney Island to the Western Freeway (Route 164)); U.S. Route 460 (from Bowers Hill (I-664, I-64, I-264 Interchange) to Zuni); I-64 widening (from Bland Boulevard Interchange to James City/New Kent County lines); Southeastern Parkway and Greenbelt (from I-64 to I-264); Midtown Tunnel/Martin Luther King Freeway extension ((i) parallel Midtown Tunnel and (ii) Martin Luther King Freeway extension to I-264); and Passenger Rail/Magnetic Levitation Service and Support Bus Services in the Eastern Virginia Transportation District.


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