Coal Mining in Virginia

NOTE: The statistics below are from from the 1997 Economic Census, via a query of the American Fact Finder (see the Industry Quick Reports).

Bituminous coal and lignite surface mining
NAICS: 212111
Selected Industry Statistics by State: 1997 and 1992
[Excludes data for auxiliaries.]

GeographyNumber of EstablishmentsNumber of EmployeesAnnual Payroll ($1,000)Shpmnts/Sales/Recpts ($1,000)Population Estimate
United States8341,502 36,50255,5191,647,4332,270,678 12,416,00813,826,227267,743,595255,077,536
Kentucky1703616,36610,360 235,872364,7482,321,3252,749,417 3,910,3663,753,836
Pennsylvania1782733,3925,211 107,302163,900949,0681,045,425 12,011,27811,995,405
TennesseeN 24 NeNDNDN5,025,261
Virginia611141,8302,907 71,614104,523<724,3101,011,125 6,737,4896,394,481
West Virginia150 2655,7507,683263,456 317,2582,462,5772,238,7661,815,231 1,808,860
Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1997 Economic Census
D: Withheld to avoid disclosing data of individual companies; data are included in higher level totals
N: Not available or not comparable
c: 100 - 249 employees
e: 250 - 499 employees

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